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Non-Negotiable Qualities & Application for Employment

We want your job here to be fun and exciting.  Life is too short to spend it in an unhappy place, no matter how good the pay.  Our associates find that working at Sextant Wines is more than "just another job".  We will compensate you competitively, will treat you with respect, will give you responsibility, will promote you when you are ready, will train you and will do whatever we can to make your job easier.  On the other hand, we will expect you to "fit" in our team.  We feel that only one out of five applicants has the required qualities to fit well here.  Further, we find that you are the best person to tell us early, if this is the case.

Although we celebrate individual differences, and are happy to let you use your imagination and creativity to do your job well, there are six "non-negotiable" qualities you must have to work at Sextant Wines.  Although all associates are employed on an at-will basis which means that they may be terminated or may resign, with or without cause at any time.  In order to avoid mutual disappointment, please read these carefully and tell us honestly whether you have all these qualities.  We feel it's better if you decide we are a poor fit for your strengths and weaknesses ahead of time.  This is far better than for us to find out later, forcing both you and us to start another job search.

1. Respect

Sextant Wines associates have respect for others (both associates and guests).  By respect we mean we treat others with care and consideration.  If you occasionally have difficulties controlling your temper, or have a tendency to be moody or grouchy when things don't turn out the way you like, you'll have a problem with respect.  If you resent being told what to do, have problems with authority, or cannot treat other people with courtesy and kindness, it is unlikely you will be successful at the winery.

2. Integrity

Sextant Wines associates have a high degree of integrity.  By this we mean you are expected to be honest and truthful in everything you do here.  If you don't always tell the truth, like to "cheat--but just a little", don't think it's a big deal to help yourself to a bottle of wine or office supplies on occasion, you will be terminated immediately from your position here at Sextant Wines.

3. Punctuality

Sextant Wines associates are punctual and reliable.  If you are known to always be a little late, or are known to your friends as a bit "flaky", you will be dismissed from here, sooner or later.  Some jobs out there are more flexible than others, but our service standards here require that you show up on time, ready to work, every time.  If you do not have reliable transportation, you will have problems in this area which will result in discipline, up to and including termination.

4. Ability to learn and flexibility

Sextant Wines associates are eager to learn and are flexible in their attitude and outlook.  As part of our training program and during your first few months at Sextant Wines, you will be required to learn many new things.  Our service standards are, for many people, even experienced ones, a new and different way of doing things.  If you a) don't like to learn new things, b) you are set in your ways, c) you feel reading and asking questions are things you already did at school or d) you consider yourself unable or unwilling to change, you will struggle with our system and are unlikely to remain employed.

5. Good grooming standards

Our associates take pride in their appearance and respect our dress code and grooming standards.  You will be expected to study and understand our dress code and to show up at work wearing apparel that meets the code.  You will also be required to follow our grooming standards in detail. If wearing a uniform, always looking clean and neat, only wearing a minimum of jewelry, or wearing your hair in an acceptable style makes you feel comfortable (or you like to show off a tattoo or body piercing), you'll have to remove piercings and cover up tattoos.  If after you are hired you choose to breach this non-negotiable you will be terminated.

6. No violence or drugs

Our associates are friendly people who do not use drugs.  If you have a history of violence, use drugs (you will be required to take a drug test prior to start and may be tested during your employment - so why lie about it?), or drink excessively, please find a job that can better fit you in.  If you pass the drug test but are later tested and don't pass, you'll be dismissed immediately.  Likewise, if you report to work affected by any substance abuse issue, you will not succeed at the winery.

All of these non-negotiables need to be considered.  You need to have all of them, not just some.  If you don't score yourself 6/6 please don't turn in the application.  You are always more than welcome to be our guest here at Sextant Wines.


Agree to the terms below to download the job application:

I have read the Sextant Wines Non-Negotiables carefully, and can honestly say I have these six qualities.

I Agree