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Sextant Wines X-Series

The Sextant Wines X-Series features natural crossings designed to yield the best characteristics of two types of vines while also taking advantage of the local growing conditions. Paso Robles terroir has been established to be among the best of the New World while also reminiscent of certain Old World regions of France. In the search to make truly unique wines and to establish new traditions, the X-Series brings new compositions of taste and cutting edge approaches to the winery experience.    

Merely trying something new is one thing, but centuries of winemaking expertise is another.  The genius of upstart winemakers in Southwest France conjuring wines to rival the best of Bordeaux is part of the spirit of the X-Series.  Marselan, a crossing of Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon, is case in point. The ripe strawberry, cinnamon, and caramel flavors of Grenache are woven with blackberry, dark plum, and herbaceous notes of Cabernet sauvignon.  Another intriguing combination can be found in Caladoc, a cross of Grenache and Malbec that yields fresh red berry fruits complemented by earthy, underbrush, and cedar components.  Finally, the X-Series presents a cool-climate Syrah that is lower in alcohol, higher in acidity, and aromatic with wild red currants spiced with white pepper. These wines are from site-specific, single vineyards that mark the very first plantings of their kind in Paso Robles.