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2019 Paris Valley Road Cabernet Franc

Signature notes of raspberries, plums, and bell peppers layered with limber tannins and lively acidity enable a range of culinary possibilities. Medium-bodied, fruitful, and herbaceous, match it with a Margherita pizza, grilled salmon, or ribs. Trial will lead to pairings on-point, and the pronounced, quenching finish implores further experimentation.

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2019 Paris Valley Road Cabernet Franc
Winemaker Notes
Our Cabernet Franc was aged for 18 months in 27% new French oak and produced using traditional winemaking practices. We harvest the fruit at the peak of ripeness, balancing the right sugar content with robust flavor and natural acidity. We cold soak for several days before pitching our desired yeast, allow heat to rise naturally, and cap fermenting temperatures at 85°F to optimize extraction. When we are satisfied that we have maximized the potential of each fermentation, the wine is separated from the grape skins and sent to barrel for aging.
.62 g/100ml
Residual Sugar
.017 g/100ml
Alcohol %