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2020 Paris Valley Road Sparkling

The fine traces of exquisite beads streaming up the glass are instrumental in delivering the vibrance of acidity and silkiness of texture. This sparkling action, best observed in a tall crystal flute, suggests that the winemaker’s hands at Méthode Traditionelle have done their magic. Notes of d'Anjou pears, Meyer lemons, green apples, apricots, and blanched almonds mingle. Whispers of jasmine, orange blossoms, and brioche delicately emerge as well. The finish is polished, kinetic, and satisfying, leaving one longing for another mesmerizing pour.

92 Points - Wine Enthusiast

"The nose on this bottling is quite detailed and dynamic, offering lemon and lime pith alongside Asian pear, finger lime and chalk. The palate's foam is persistent and soothing, carrying flavors of apple, honeydew and lime, maintaining sharpness into the finish." — Matt Kettmann

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2020 Paris Valley Road Sparkling
Winemaker Notes
Aged on lees in tirage for about 12 months before it’s disgorged. This shorter process highlights the fruit characteristics of our sparkling and provides just enough roundness in the mid-palate for a smooth finish. The dosage is intentionally not overly sweet to preserve the freshness of our wine and keep it bright across the palate. Composed of 66% Grenache Blanc, 23% Sauvignon Gris, 8% Verdejo, 3% Macabeo.
Grenache Blanc
1.06 g/100mL
Residual Sugar
.60 g/100mL
Alcohol %