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A Twist on Tradition

2017 X-Series Marselan

2017 X-Series Caladoc

2019 X-Series Verdejo

X-Series holds true to the spirit of extraordinary in these rare Old-World and hybrid varietals that go beyond the traditional. Marselan is a hybrid of Cabernet Sauvignon genes which lend dark, earthy, tannic character, and Grenache genes that send black cherry and raspberry exploding on the mid-palate. Caladoc, a hybrid of Grenache and Malbec, features signature raspberries and red currants of the former while retaining reminiscent notes of blackberries and cedar of the latter. Our Verdejo, with essences of white nectarine and apricot, brings the tradition of a refreshing, tapas-ready wine from Spain’s Rueda wine region home to Paso Robles.

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A Twist on Tradition